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Ahead of the rest behind the wheel.

At the Porsche Track Experience, we believe in learning by doing and honing your skills by practicing them. Every moment spent behind the wheel is valuable—so we will make the most of your time at the Porsche Track Experience. From the basics of vehicle control, to applying for your own racing license—we will make sure there’s no learning curve you can’t handle.


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The starting line.

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Fine tune.

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Push harder, faster, farther.

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Skills development

Hone your skills and learn race strategy through passing exercises, qualifying techniques and race starts. Our instructors will help you find every fraction of a second with intense analysis of your driving technique by using Dartfish™ video technology and in-car camera/data acquisition systems.

Learn the importance of weight/load management in performance driving and discover the difference that braking technique, throttle management and steering input have on the handling dynamics of a vehicle.

Practice the technique of transferring weight to the front and rear of the vehicle. Learn to correctly use the throttle in order to get the vehicle to respond.

The most important skill to master for any type of driving is proper use of the eyes. Learning to look where you want to go and looking as far ahead as possible is important in order to be smooth, drive the correct line and control the vehicle. Our instructors place heavy emphasis on this and know how to fine tune proper vision skills.

Develop Trail Braking skills by learning the right way to release brake pressure while turning into a corner. This technique transfers weight toward the front of the vehicle to load the front tires and aid in turning ability, and maximizes the tire capability.

On our specially designed skid pad, you will learn and practice understeer and oversteer. Our instructors will teach you how to recognize when these situations occur, know why they occur and learn how to correct them.

Learn how to combine steering and throttle inputs to perform a controlled slide through a turn. This advanced driving technique is best learned in a controlled environment with highly trained instructors and is taught in our advanced courses.

Developing a feel for the brakes and maximizing the tires capability by finding the threshold before the tire loses grip is only part of proper braking techniques.  Learning how apply initial brake pressure in a variety of conditions improves the distance required to slow the vehicle to the proper entrance speed to a corner.

The proper line allows for the most speed through the turn at the exit and/or positions the vehicle for the next turn. Learning to find the turn-in, apex and exit points is a matter of using your eyes correctly, braking, steering and throttle inputs.

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Introductory Courses

The starting line.

The introductory courses at the Porsche Track Experience are designed to maximize your time on the track, develop your high-performance driving techniques and, most importantly, have a great time in the process. Because we group our students according to experience, our introductory courses are perfect for even the novice driver looking to get track time behind the wheel of a variety of Porsche sports cars and under the guidance of world-class instructors.



Precision 1 day


1-Day High-Performance Driving Course

Performance 2 day


2-Day High-Performance Driving Course

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Intermediate Courses

Fine tune.

The intermediate courses at the Porsche Track Experience are designed for drivers that want to take their performance driving skills to the next level. Building on the fundamentals learned during the introductory courses, drivers will have the opportunity to focus on refining their techniques in a variety of high-performance Porsche sports cars. To aid in skill development, our instructors utilize real-time performance data captured on iPads and DartFish videos to evaluate areas of improvement.



Masters 2 day


2-Day High-Performance Driving Course

Prerequisite course completion or approval based on previous experience required.
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Advanced Courses

Push harder, faster, farther.

Building on the skills learned in the introductory and intermediate courses, the advanced courses at the Porsche Track Experience put an added emphasis on data, and video. Our instructors utilize iPads and DartFish videos to evaluate areas needing improvement and provide feedback to each driver. In addition to maximizing time on track, by focusing on race craft technique and advanced competition lapping sessions, these courses are designed to prepare graduates for real-world racing. Participants that successfully complete the RS or RSR courses are eligible to apply for their SCCA full competition license.




Learn more about SCCA racing and licensing at

Masters RS 3 day

Masters RS

3-Day Competition Driving Course

Prior completion of Masters course and Instructor approval required.
Masters RSR 4 day

Masters RSR

4-Day Competition Driving Course

Prior completion of Masters RS course and Instructor approval required.