Driven to the next level.

Academy is our most comprehensive and customizable driver development program, designed to help drivers of all skill levels achieve their specific driving goals. Contact us today: or 888.204.7474

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    Professional-Level Training

    On-track exercises and data-driven analysis with a dedicated coach means higher-level training. Academy drivers are immersed in a training program that resembles what is required of all Porsche Drive Coaches.

  2. 02

    Go Behind the Scenes

    Your Porsche Drive Coach will take you through the nuances of corners, brake zones and apexes by foot. There is no better way to learn about a track than to do a track walk.

  3. 03

    Take a deeper dive

    Across multiple sessions, you will spend more time on focused curriculum to develop your driving skill set.

  4. 04

    Exclusive Experiences

    Drivers will be put to the test. Experience advanced modules like the Dry Circle and Figure-8 that are only available in our Academy program.

Learn about weight transfer and handling characteristics of different Porsche vehicles.
Learn how to recognize and mitigate these common aspects of vehicle dynamics.
Learn the importance of braking and how it affects each corner and balance of the vehicle.
Develop vision skills that will improve your driving, control, and smoothness in the car.
Understanding the balance of the car and how your inputs affect vehicle handling.
During the 4th Session, you will use the Porsche Track Precision App, for data and video analysis.

Perfect your craft.

Academy is the only program at the Porsche Experience Center where you will experience such a wide range of Porsche models. We tailor your sessions to focus on specific driving goals, building upon your skill set with each vehicle, and culminating with our most powerful Porsche models.


Choose between several programs aimed at advancing driver development on and off the track

Scheduling of sessions, is based on track availability. Each session time break down is below:


Session 1: 2 hours (90 minutes driving, 30 minutes classroom)
Session 2: 2 hours (90 minutes driving, 30 minutes classroom)
Session 3: 2 hours (90 minutes driving, 30 minutes classroom)
Session 4: 4 hours (2.5 hours driving, 1.5 hours classroom)

Join our exclusive Academy.

Whether you are an inexperienced driver looking to build your skill set, or an advanced driver looking to fine-tune your skills, you will learn like the professionals with a dedicated Porsche Drive Coach. Pace out your four sessions within 60 days and build your unique schedule. 


Experience the balanced and nimble 718 model range like never before. Compare four different 718 models, including the all new GT4 RS.




Explore the world of the iconic 911, including the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4S and 911 Turbo models, plus the incredible new 911 GT3.




Undivided attention focused on a single car selection.

$6,565.00 | 911 GT3 Masters program
$6,565.00 | 911 Turbo Masters program
$6,195.00 | 718 Cayman GT4 Masters program